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How are Flora Ferm™ products best consumed?
It is best to take it 30 minutes before a meal. Mix in your favorite juice or blend it with your favorite fruit and make a smoothie.

What would be a child's or baby's amount to take daily?
1/2 teaspoon daily.

Can I take too much Flora Ferm™?
Flora Ferm™ is a food, hence you can not take too much.

Can a person with wheat intolerance take Flora Ferm™?
A person who has a wheat intolerance has a problem with breaking the protein of the wheat down which is called gluten. The wheat in Flora Ferm™ has been pre-digested by the bacteria, hence you do not have this problem. In many instances once the friendly bacteria are replaced the gluten intolerance disappears and the person may find they can now eat wheat products.

How do I tell if Flora Ferm™ is working?
There is no one answer to this. Every body is different and will respond differently. The real question is where are you now getting your nutrients and how are you replacing the good bacteria? Both are essential to good health. So regardless if your body shows major changes or subtle ones, the key is to replace bacteria daily and to saturate the body with nutrients.

How do I introduce Flora Ferm™ to people?
People have to realize that most disease is an effect of poor nutrition and a symptom of an intestinal tract that has been compromised. The single greatest thing we can do to protect our health is to replace the bacteria that are responsible for all nutrient absorption, the making of enzymes and getting rid of the bad bacteria. Add to this a nutrient saturation formula that provides all the essential nutrients from organic whole food sources. This daily ritual will become the most important thing you can do in life. Once people realize the relationship of bacteria, nutrients and good health, then it becomes very easy to introduce Flora Ferm™ to them.

Many people ask if Flora Ferm™ will help this problem or that problem; how do I respond?
Keep in mind you are not a Medical Practitioner, hence you can not make any claims. However the body heals itself and the Doctor takes the fee. Flora Ferm™ provides the raw materials the body needs in order to heal itself. The body is a complex chemical factory capable of healing itself of any problem as long as it has the raw materials in the form of whole food nutrients available and as long as the intestinal tract is healthy with the proper balance of good and bad bacteria. The secret to combating any problem in the body is to unleash and assist its potential heal itself. We do this by providing the whole food nutrients that assist the immune system. The front line defense and offense of the immune system is the friendly bacteria. Then having a vast array of nutrients in the form of amino acids, anti oxidants, vitamins, minerals and enzymes provides the needed raw materials so the immune system has what it needs to get the job done.

Where is Flora Ferm™ manufactured?
Flora Ferm™ is manufactured in Australia. All ingredients come from Certified Organic Farms and none have been genetically engineered.

Where does the bacteria come from?
Our bacteria come from fruits and vegetables. Not like many bacteria that is taken from fecal matter. In addition our bacteria are organic and have not been genetically modified.

How long will I have to take it for?
It will have to be taken daily for the rest of your life. This is due to the fact that in modern society the bacteria are being killed daily through antibiotic therapy, heat and cold in processing foods, colas, stress, fluorides, chlorides, salt, alcohol to name just a few.

How are the bacteria in Flora Ferm™ different than others?
There are 12 bacteria in Flora Ferm™. They are organic and taken from fruits and vegetables. 18 years and 2.5 million dollars have been invested to evolve these bacteria into a super strain. They are resistant to many of the things that kill them. The formula also contains all of their favorite foods so they do not compete with each other by killing off any good bacteria to protect its food source.

If the bacteria are heat resistant why do I have to refrigerate the product?
The bacteria in Flora Ferm™ can stand 55 degrees centigrade for up to a week. However if you realize it is a food, for ultimate protection of the nutrients then it should be refrigerated like any food. If this presents a problem then keep it in a cool and dark place such as the pantry.

I feel sick after taking Flora Ferm™ what is happening?

Some people experience what is called a "healing crisis." Most people are very toxic from the effects of prescription drugs, bad eating habits and an accumulation of preservatives eaten over the years. Once the body starts to receive proper nutrients and the good bacteria start to destroy the bad bacteria, a healing crisis may follow. This is a good sign. It means the body is de-toxifing itself. Some people experience aches or pains, some flu-like symptoms, diarrhea, and a general feeling of not feeling well. This can last up to a week. If it becomes too uncomfortable then take less of the Flora Ferm™ until the healing crisis passes. Also drink lots of water to assist the elimination process.

When I first took Flora Ferm™ I felt better but now all my symptoms have come back even worse than ever. Why is this?

It takes years for the body to decline in health. When you start on the road to recovery, you walk back up the road of decline. You do not instantly move to good health. The body has to heal itself again, and this takes time. Many experience the hit of feeling good and then as the body goes through its healing crisis you feel bad for awhile. If you had a particular problem that went away it may just have gone into dormancy. When the body starts to heal itself, a battle erupts with the problem trying to survive and this battle is what is possibly being experienced as a feeling of being "worse than ever." Follow the advice given in the healing crisis answer.

I am allergic to one of the ingredients should I still take it?
More than likely, since the ingredients have been predigested by the bacteria, you should have no problem. However it is prudent to be careful, so try just a 1/2 teaspoon and see how your body responds. Most allergies to foods are the result of the improper balance of bacteria in your intestinal tract. You may find after using the product that these allergies disappear.

Will Flora Ferm™ have any effect on medications I am taking?
If you are on medication it is wise to consult with your doctor if you are concerned.

Where can I obtain scientific research about bacteria?
Visit our Science Library. You may also wish to go to the Brain Garden web page where just a small sample of the research that has been done world wide is posted.

What proof do I have that Flora Ferm™ will help me?
The only proof in the world is in the experience. No matter how much documentation we provide the only real judge is you. Try the product and then make up your own mind.

If it can be said that disease begins in the Colon, what can we do about it?
To read an article on the vital importance of bacteria and predigested nutrients to health by Don Chisholm, Czerral Wheeler, and Kim A. Jobst, click here.


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