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This is a 30 minute interview with Czerral Wheeler, developer of Prime Directive. Czerral has over 22 years in research and development in probiotics and the microcosmic world of bacteria and cellular nutrition. He lectures and teaches throughout the world on the science of the body. We have cut this informative and educational interview into 13 short segments of 1 — 3 minutes in length in order to make it easier to download and utilize the fascinating information on the role of the 13 lactobaccilli in our digestive system, why they need to be married with their corresponding whole foods in order to do their job efficiently, and how this process is the foundation of good health and a strong immune system for everyone. We hope you enjoy!

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00:00 — 6:02 Introduction: Background to the Probiotic Story; Czerral: how and why he came to be interested in bacteria and broad spectrum nutrients for better health.
6:03 — 8:23 The Essential Role of Bacteria in our health. Balance is Essential! Learn what can happen when it's not in balance.
8:24 — 10:34 "I eat yogurt. Isn't that good enough?" Why we need all 12 strains of lactobacilli together with their food sources.
10:35 — 13:24 "Let's take a journey with Bacteria once they enter the body!" The amazing ability of 12 balanced gut bacteria to clean the whole body aiding greater health and reduce aging.
13:31 — 14:23 "Is this New Science?"
14:24 — 16:54 We need raw, whole, organic, living foods to give us broad spectrum nutrients to support our health.
16:55 — 18:10 Only 0.1% of our cells are immune cells which are our fighter cells. Learn why they need this nutrition to do their job.
18:12 — 21:04 What makes Prime Directive's gut bacteria so unique in the world? 15 years of research; natural selection at work, developing heartier strains of 13 lactobacilli.
21:04 — 21:55 Why marry whole foods with the gut bacteria? Building blocks and amino acids for 100% immediate assimilation!
21:56 — 23:03 What are some benefits in using this Super Food?
23:04 — 26:27 What should pregnant women, children and those with illnesses and food intolerance know?
26:27 — 28:30 How does Prime Directive taste? How much should you use? Any adverse affects?
28:31 — 29:40 Closing summary: 2 things to remember as we take responsibility for our health.


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