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If it can be said that disease begins in the Colon, what can we do about it? The Vital Importance of Bacteria and Pre-Digested Nutrients to Health

by Don Chisholm, Czerral Wheeler, Kim A. Jobst

What stops people healing? How often do we stop to ask this question? There are of course many reasons, but the one which we wish to address concerns a person's ability to extract minerals, vitamins and trace elements from the food one eats. When the ability to absorb essential nutrients fails or is suboptimal, not only do nutritional deficiencies arise, but major changes to the intestinal flora can further deplete resources and cause pathological changes to metabolism and physiology.

The intestinal flora is sensitive to toxic substances that are ingested or inhaled. Further, they are also sensitive to substances generated in the body under emotionally and psychologically stressful conditions. These emotional stressors can give rise to hormone and other imbalances if they are prolonged. Such stressors, both internal and external, are increasingly part of our rapidly developing modern culture. When this daily assault on the intestinal flora reaches a critical level, the loss of the gut bacteria seriously affects a person's ability to get the necessary "life force" from his or her food.

Probiotic supplementation is essential in such situations to rectify the balance of gut flora for healthy functioning. Few products contain all the major families of lactobacilli and other organisms required to reestablish a healthy balance. If the balance of probiotics ingested is not correct, competing organisms in inappropriate locations in the gut can generate further problems.

Prime Directive is a recently developed product, which seeks to address all these issues via a threefold approach:

• First, it contains all thirteen of the major families of bacteria which are needed to maintain normal healthy digestion and elimination and which are brought together to reestablish a balanced intestinal flora.

• Second, these beneficial bacteria families are brought together as a super culture of specially bred and "stressed" organisms better able to withstand the stresses of the person who ingests them to help restore health. The bacteria have been bred over many years to be more resistant to a wide variety of "stressful" circumstances that would normally kill them off, such as heat, cold, acidity, alkalinity, chemical toxicity arising for example from chlorine and pesticides, birth control pills, etc.

• Third, these organisms are put to work digesting over 21 different organic certified vegetable foods. The idea is to supply the body with pre-digested nutrition from a natural source, which will be more easily assimilated in the sub-optimal state of health, and which will therefore accelerate healing and the re-establishment of a healthy flora. Thus the body is supplied with the life force to rebuild itself from within, and to promote its own self-healing.

Spirulina in their natural state

predigested spirulina
Pre-digested Spirulina

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