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Flora Ferm (TM)
What is Flora Ferm™?

Flora Ferm™
is a totally natural, certified organic fermentation technique using probiotic flora. This exclusive process combines the best of present-day science and age-old knowledge. This ensures the production of high quality probiotic food products. It is an entirely natural organic process. No shortcuts are used and there are no chemical additives.

The Flora Ferm™ technique enables the manufacture of products from organic grains and greens, caring for the natural ingredients within. The flora are an essential part of the whole process. Rather than being an added ingredient these tiny powerhouses are used to create healthy, natural food products. Research suggests that regular consumption of live lactobacilli bacteria can improve gut microflora and reduce the number of infections by reducing unwanted bacteria.

Probiotic bacteria are a natural part of the food chain. Through the bacteria's active enzymes, foods exposed to these bacteria are broken down. Fermentation often improves the biological value of foods, thus increasing the nutritional value for the customer. The presence of active bacteria in the human gut has been shown to aid its own digestive process in breaking down foods.

The Flora Ferm™ process takes full advantage of grains, seeds, legumes, herbs and algae. Thus it ensures the delivery of viable bacteria within the food that supports its growth. Make sure to look for the Flora Ferm™ logo to be sure that you are receiving the genuine product. This is what makes Prime Directive™ the ultimate probiotic food. But haven't we all heard this before? Sure, but for a small investment you, too, will know the difference.

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