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Live Blood Microscopy
Video Index for Live Blood Microscopy of 7 individuals taken before use of Prime Directive (PD) and after several months on PD

Live blood microscopy can show the effect of a food on the blood in real time. Here you have an opportunity to observe live blood microscopy from patients of physicians and practitioners who had these individuals taking Prime Directive for a period of 5 months, 3 months and in some cases 2 months and see the differences that occurred. Follow the index of different cases to help you better peruse the video. If you would like to view just one particular case, simply click on the link to the specific time listed on the index below. The complete video is 13:45 minutes in length.

This video is not meant to be diagnostic, nothing contained here is meant to take the place of one-on-one consultation with a medical doctor or health care provider. We bring this to you in the spirit of sharing and self-education only. This information has not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

*Please note that the times listed after patients took Prime Directive will take you directly to the change in the blood for a quick before and after look.

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00:00 — 1:00 Credits and Introduction to Prime Directive and Live Blood Microscopy
1:00 — 2:48 46 year old woman; migraines, IBS, poor mental function (after 5 months of Prime Directive (PD): 2:05*)
2:49 — 4:09 9 year old boy; M.E. for 3 years and ill for longer, constant fatigue, nausea, lassitude, pallor, glazed eyes, oversensitivity to light and sound, takes many naps a day unable to go to school (after 5 months of PD: 3:26*)
4:10 — 5:45 42 year old male medical doctor; feels healthy (after 5 months of PD: 4:54*)
5:46 — 7:24 52 year old woman; very ill for 25 years; diarrhea 14 times a day, IBS, menstrual problems, hysterectomy (after 3 month of PD: 6:42*)
7:25 — 9:00 67 year old woman; very ill for 40 years; ulcerated colitis; IBS, constant constipation/diarrhea (after 2 months of PD: 7:52*)
9:01 — 10:59 43 year old woman; housewife with 4 children basically healthy but feeling tired and run down (after 3 months of PD: 9:45*; see immune cell action: 10:27)
11:00 — 13:11 39 year old male; post viral fatigue after having chicken pox, cough, cold and flu like symptoms every 6 weeks, rashes, fatigue, muscle aches, uric acid in blood (after 3 months on PD: 11:40*)
13:12 — 13:45 Closing statement regarding action of Prime Directive


Statements made here have not been evaluated by the FDA.
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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