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Special Pricing for Practitioners
Practitioners who sign up with us for a Practitioner Account will be entitled to a special discount on our products, so that they may provide these products to their clients. This discount will apply when 10 or more of either product is ordered at one time (combined orders accepted).

Practitioners who have set up a Practitioner Account are also eligible for our referral bonus program. Once signed up as a Practitioner in our system, you will receive a Referral Code which you can provide to clients. If clients place an order online through the Living Foods website and provide your referral code when placing their order, you will receive a referral bonus, based on the number of tubs ordered. Referral bonuses will be issued on a monthly basis.

Set up a Practitioner Account
If you are a practitioner who would like to take advantage of our special pricing offer, the referral bonus program, and/or would like to be added to our online list of practitioners, click here.

We will soon make available a section of our website specifically devoted to Practitioners. Check back in the near future for updates to this section.

Locate a Practitioner
If you are looking for a practitioner, please click here to see a list of Practitioners in our database. This page will be frequently updated, so please check back if you do not find someone in your area.


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