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Testimonial from Dr Michael Midgley whilst using Prime Directive:
If you should be giving your 'Live Blood Microscopy' talk anywhere in the North West of England or in North or Mid- Wales, please let me know — I would like to attend. (Chester might be a good central point for both).

Now for a summary of info about myself and my adventures with ME. You have my full permission to print out all or any parts of this e-mail and to use it as you see fit (you may give our website address to anyone but give my telephone number ONLY to interested medics).

I have written a book about my adventures with ME — A Life Worth Living — details on our website:

I have produced a 29-minute film, with companion book, especially for ME patients. This is entitled The Message of the Crucifixion — details on our website.

I am currently working on screenplays for two more films especially for ME patients entitled Miracles, Medicine and ME and Miracles, Mind and ME. These are being produced on digital equipment — I can now go from the screenplay stage to the finished release prints in my own home, without need for laboratory assistance.

Now for my adventures with Prime Directive.

1. I have been on Prime Directive for 25 full days today. Since starting on Prime Directive I've had 25 consecutive days (and counting) of improving health. I now feel mentally and physically well. I haven't felt this way for over 35 years. (Note that I was already on 100% organic diet and specially filtered water — so I started off with a big advantage)

2. I'm sleeping more soundly and for longer.

3. The restrictions on my diet are diminishing. For example, I can now eat grains (high in lectins — no good for ME cases) such as rice and oats, which I haven't been able to eat for many years.

4. My circulation has improved and I don't feel so cold all the time.

5. My ability to exercise has improved considerably.

6. I have been able to discard my proprietary dietary supplements — vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

7. The various discomforts in my muscles have all but disappeared and I fully expect them to go altogether in the long run.

8. My depression has improved and my mental abilities are improving.

9. The fatigue has all but disappeared. I now feel refreshed when I wake and normally tired in the evenings. Previously I awoke depressed and weary and became exhausted by bedtime.

10. My bowel function continues to improve, as does my general health.

With every good wish,

Dr Michael Midgley MB ChB MRCGP MBKSTS
UK Physician Director, Overton Studios Trust
Providing holistic online and offline support for sufferers from ME, CFS, PVS, CFIDS and Fibromyalgia

Testimonial from Lyn Orton:
Just a quick letter to thank you for Prime Directive.

On visiting a health food shop in Southbourne, Bournemouth I was explaining my skin condition (possibly due to my daughter being 300 yards from the twin towers on 11/9). Anyway, he suggested I listen to a tape by an Australian doctor talking about Prime Directive.

I am sure this played a great part in my recovery — my psoriasis has completely disappeared — I have to say I also had homeopathic medicine and acupuncture. I shall continue to take this Organic Superfood — it can only help and keep me on a healthy balance.

Many thanks,
Lyn Orton

Testimonial from Madge Compsty:
I am writing to say how much benefit I have gained from taking Prime Directive. I have been using it now for over twelve months at the behest of my GP who has tested me for and confirmed that I am a Coeliac.

I shall be happy for you to pass on this information to anyone who is interested.

Kind regards,
Madge Compsty

Prime Directive

S.E.L.F.: Self-Empowering Living Foods

Testimonial from Bronwen Morgan

Well, what a miracle! Does the man who produce Phytobeet walk on water as well?

I have been taking half a teaspoon since the 25 August this was two weeks before my period was due. I started early on the 5 September but I had no pains, not tears, no tantrums, no low blood sugar attacks, but it was quite a heavy period. I waited for another month to give you a report because if it could do all that in a week and a half what could it do in six weeks. Well six weeks down the road I have had another period which was quite light, lighter than for a long time. But it is my sense of well being and energy levels that I am amazed and delighted about. I must admit I feel better on the Prime Directive and it certainly helped me but that is, nothing in comparison to how I feel now. I wake up at seven thirty every morning and look forward to the day.

I can cope with all my everyday stresses which I was not doing before. I actually thought that I was being weak and feeble because everything seemed too stressful to cope with. Not a good advert when you are a therapist helping others. If you look at my records which Peter has I think you will find that it shows that my tiredness and inability to cope was my biggest complaint.

I no longer feel tired or stressed and yet my life has not changed in any way, in fact if anything I'm busier for the first time since I had Daniel nearly seven years ago; I feel on top of the world. On top of feeling well, my skin has taken on a sheen and feel soft especially on my legs which were always dry and scaly. My hair is also soft and I have lost a lot of the flaking scalp which used to itch even though I used Aloe shampoo and rinse. I find that I have had no digestive upsets at all and have even eaten some apples which I was always very sensitive to. The last thing I think to report is that I have lost that nagging hunger which I quite often had even when I had eaten, although I have to admit the Prime Directive helped with that as well. I also no longer have the light night sweats which had started to occur in the mornings before I got up.

I have to say thank you for allowing me to trial out this product for you. If you ever need a testimonial for it I'm your man (or woman). I also send grateful thanks from the rest of the family who feel they are living with someone different — sighs of relief all round.

I still have quite a lot left in the bottle and am quite nervous about running art of it. Please let me know if you are able to get some more. I will have some straight away. I also have at least ten other patients who I know need this particular product.

I hope this will help you with you research. Please don't hesitate to call if you need any more information.

Many thanks again.
With much love and light.
Bronwen Morgan, Therapist

P.S. I feel many husbands and partners would be forever grateful to you if you can market this on a large scale. Goodbye to P.M.S. and menopausal problems.


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